Why Bunded Tanks are more Beneficial to Use?

First off, it’s important to understand what bunded tanks for fuel are. The concept can actually be quiet simple and involves two tanks. One is simple and is help inside of a larger container, with the smaller one holding the fuel. This means that this type of tank has a protective layer to protect against fuel spillage.

The protective layer is known as the bund layer. This is the safest way to store fuel. Since the outer layer holds 110% of the fuel, in case of damage or leaks to the inner tank, fuel will be contained by its outer layer.


Stay Compliant

Being compliant is important in the industry. This is why fleet managers are very concerned about this. In some situations, bunded fuel tanks are needed to stay compliant, thus it is important that you are aware when you need them.


Protect the Environment

Fuel spillage could have a massive detrimental effect on the environment so fleet managers need to do everything they can in order to prevent such from happening. These types of tanks are specifically designed to provide protection against fuel spillage. Doing so gives assurance that the environment around the tank is safe from any harmful effects of diesel fuel.


Future-Proof the Fuel

If you are a fleet manager, you need to be particularly concerned with the finances and what you can do have some savings. With this kind of fuel tank, you will see that this can be a great investment that can offer great savings. The tank could stand up to the different elements that are cheaper and better alternatives, ensuring that your fuel is safe.


Avoid Theft

Fuel theft is something that can cause the industry so much money. If you are concerned that your fuel may be stolen from either an internal or external source, you need to do something to protect it and your business in general.

This is where this tank can offer the integrity and strength needed to keep the fuel safe from the opportunists who are looking for ways to steal. Since the tank has two layers, you are given an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.


Long-term Savings

This tank is definitely an investment. As this is a more secure, you are not likely to lose fuel, thus you can save more money and avoid theft and spillage. With this, instead of wasting more money to replace fuel, you can instead improve and expand your operations.



Another advantage of this tank is its capability to be transported to different sites, depending on the needs. So, if your worksite needs to be moved to another place or you have to place your fuel tank somewhere, you do not have to worry about it anymore. This tank even has the added benefit of the possibility to be installed in areas that are difficult to access.

Considering all these benefits, it is definitely worth investing in this tank, no wonder why so many people and industries are doing so at present.