Waterjet Cutting Machines to Cut Natural Stones

Natural stones are very delicate materials. Cutting them, shaping them into certain pieces, and creating patterns can very tedious because these stones could easily break and crack. Fortunately, waterjet machines are born, making the task easier than ever before. Waterjets can cut through natural stones with less effort. A waterjet cutter is smooth, precise, and flawless.


Enhanced patterns

Waterjets are quite popular in enhancing stone patterns. It is typically used in custom flooring wherein slabs of natural stone is cut into parts that fit together as such in puzzles. This can also be done using terrazzo, which is made of crushed stone and fillers. You can then pour the mixture into place much like how concrete is made. Terrazzo has limited colors, while marble and granite slabs are available in many different color options. You can find marble and granite in different shades, which you can have as floors, walls or countertops. You can cut them into shapes and pieces that makes beautiful patterns.


Unique wall features

A waterjet cutting machine can also help create unique wall features using natural stones. Granite and marble are popularly used as countertops, and they are also great examples of natural stones that you can cut and set up on vertical surfaces as such in walls. Large square and rectangular pieces of stone slabs can be made as a remarkable vertical applications as wall features for homes and office buildings, as shower walls and fireplace surrounds.

Cutting natural stone blocks into intricate shapes, waves, and curves is possible with the use of waterjet machine. Any pattern and cut in the stone slabs is very appealing because marble and granite are extremely solid materials. Cutting them into interesting forms and curves could add great aesthetics to the home or property. Cutting these rigid natural stones into delicate and soft patterns are very pleasant and appealing to the sight.


Ideal countertops

Natural stone slabs are ideal materials to use as countertops. Modern countertops today are designed in unusual shapes for a contemporary style and this can be easily achieved by using waterjet cutting machineries. Marble and granite countertops are usually cut into unique shapes, and not the traditional rectangular profile. These two natural stones are quite popular because they are beautiful, neat, and easy to maintain. Waterjet technology offers a precise cutting method that allows decorators and designers to become more stylish and creative.

Marble and granite island countertops can be designed in curves or geometric shapes. These natural stones are also great materials for making tables and customized furniture. With a waterjet cutting machine, you can design natural stone slabs into creative and artistic styles for a modern and a much appealing projects.


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