The Melbourne Myths We Have About TRT Therapy

 The Melbourne Myths We Have About TRT Therapy

If your recent visit to your trusted physician is an affirmation that you may be having a low testosterone level in your body, it might be that you are going to become an upcoming candidate for a TRT therapy in Melbourne. The treatment may offer a manifold of benefits but it also comes with a sundry of risks, too.

Low testosterone level happens when the male human body is unable to produce enough of this important hormone. It is an important hormone because it plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of the male human body. Testosterone is not only used to develop the sexual characteristics of men, but they also play a crucial role in developing the bones and muscles. Aside from which, it can affect a man’s general mood throughout the day and can have a great influence on his sex drive, too.

If you are a man, your testosterone level would have reached its peak from age 20 years old up until you are  30 years old. Past the age of 30, your body will have gradually reduce its production of testosterone, however, the telltale signs for this are usually unnoticed by the individual. Hence, it is not really paid attention, too. Men who are overweight or is suffering from some serious health issues are likely to experience a dramatic drop in their testosterone.

Few myths have been hounding TRT treatment for some time now, and here are some of the truths about them.

Can TRT therapy make you feel more energetic?

If you happen to have an abnormally low level of testosterone in your body,  boosting it up with the help of TRT prescription may have a significant role to play in normalizing your energy levels. This means it may bring you back to your old self. Aside from this, it may also help restore your interest in sex, thus enhancing your libido.

On your physicality, you may experience a drop in your body fat. There are also instances that patients undergoing this kind of hormone therapy will experience some buildup of muscle mass. Usually, this would occur after therapy.  

  • Is there any risk involved in testosterone replacement therapy?
  • Here are some of the possible side-effects for this type of hormone replacement therapy for testosterone.
  • Susceptibility to  blood clots
  • Reduced size and volume of the testicles
  • Possibility of infertility due to low sperm count
  • Enlargement of  breasts
  • Acne and oily skin
  • Elevated risk for stroke and heart attack.

Testosterone replacement therapy can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Since TRT treatment involves normalizing your body’s low testosterone level, a hormone responsible for men’s sexual attributes, it may help restore your body’s ability to have and sustain erections. Besides having a normal and sustained erection, it is likely to help you to regain your sex drive.

There are many other factors that can lead a man to suffer from this condition, erectile dysfunction. Hence, it would be wise to isolate the issue first and see to it that there are no other underlying reasons for it. For this, you might want to consult your trusted physician about this and seek out his medical advice.  

To those men who are suffering from low testosterone in their bodies, one of the looming questions they have in mind about the TRT program is for how long they are going to have it?

The answer? Indefinitely. Since the treatment will not address the reason why your body is not producing enough of it anymore, the symptoms are likely to recur the moment that you stopped it.