Non Slip Flooring Options to Choose From

Regardless of the facility, the important thing is that the environment is fully equipped with the flooring solutions that are geared toward safety. This is very important as this gives the staff, patients, guests, or anyone who goes into a facility the peace of mind they need. It is also a way for them to know that their welfare is put into consideration.

Although no flooring option would be able to provide a 100% guarantee that slip and fall will never occur, opting for a non slip flooring tile will go a long way when it comes to minimizing the risks. Here are some of the reasons why you too, need to have this type of flooring in your facility.


Why Choose this Flooring Option

We all have experienced it in one way or the other- we were walking along the hallway or the supermarket when suddenly we lost our footing and started the struggle to keep ourselves upright. This kind of experience is not only embarrassing, but frightening as well. The same thing is experienced by so many people across the world and in fact, there are those who incurred as injury as a result of such event. This is why the right kind of flooring that will ensure safety is a must.


Flooring Options



As a result of liquid spills and polished tiles, flooring in healthcare industry can be very slippery. The environment is also very hectic and busy, thus non slip flooring becomes the best solution. Some of the available options are LVT and rubber. LVT is tough and very easy to clean. It is also resistant to skidding which makes it a good choice for installations that need hard-surface materials. On the other hand, rubber is focused on traction while being sound absorbent and with soft underfoot.


Education & Corporate

In terms of market segments like corporate and education, having a flooring type that is geared to quietness and safety is of utmost importance. In such environments, employees and students need to be protected from slip and fall as well as noisy disruptions. The best way to do this is to have carpets or carpet tiles. By nature, carpet is slip-resistant but remains soft, thus providing cushion to prevent falls. It is also sound-absorbing and even blocks out any unwanted noise like foot traffic.


Buyer’s Guide

There is no other choice that could affect the success of the project, or the cost of flooring installation more than the contractor that you will be choosing. In this case, it is very important that you get to find quality contractors in order for you to get the best value from your flooring and acquire long-term savings along the way.